Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2016

V/A - Look at all the children now

Underrated compilation from early 90´s. Evacuate Records released the first Yuppicide single, which was back then a fresh and new sound, at least to me. This record compiles some more of those bands with similar sound and attitude. Some songs have aged well, others not, but all in all a comp worth to pick up.

This is the screenprinted limited version, which looks at lot better than the regular version which I bought when it came out. This version is limited to 500 and besides the screenprinted cover, it came on white vinyl (regular version is black) and is handnumbered on the backside.

The best track is the cover version of OMD´s "Electricity" by Go! - which is for me the best track from Go! btw., but somehow it seems I am alone with this opinion. Moondog was described as the missing link to Quicksand - I never liked Quicksand btw. Citizens Arrest, Rorschach - essential sampler if you like those.

Included is a big booklet, and seeing all the shit happening today the title of the comp is somehow visionary -

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